What I Think the Future Holds

A lot of people are saying the 2.3 update actually doesn’t add much to the game except more bugs and makes grinding the only way to progress in the game. And I wholeheartedly agree with that. Although I’ve been having a blast with multicrew, I see it as only a fad, a jazz hands out “look at what we can do!” kind of feature that will only be used for a short while until the crippling realization that multicrew has only added features to combat, and even that doesn’t pay well. Personally for me, multicrew will be a new way to recruit members into Simbad, but that’s an odd case and not everyone is trying to assimilate the galaxy. There’s been a lot of questions floating around about 2.3 and it’s lack of certain features, and I wanted to write about what I think the future holds.

Why isn’t SRV in multicrew?

“What do we do in an SRV and why would you want to do that in multicrew?” I rebuttal. The SRV is used to drive on planets and mine, and I can’t see how that would work in multicrew until some form of trading is implemented. I’m not talking about dropping commodities and having your friend picking it up with limpets trading. I’m talking, “I’ll transfer you 50 tonnes of Gold for your 10 tonnes of Unknown Artefacts,” assisted by an in-game menu and everything! If SRV multicrew was implemented now, how would the minerals players found be distributed? It can’t all go to the ship owner and it can’t all go to the visitor on the ship. There’s gotta be some way to distribute it!

I think SRV for multicrew is coming soon, and it’ll be introduced with an update for mining on planets (maybe caves or underground ravines) and a commodity trading system. So when you multicrew with a buddy in the SRV, whatever they mine, you can choose what they’re rewarded.

Why was stacking massacre missions restricted to 3?
Because it bugs the game, and I’ve had my account be drastically effected by this. I was up in Quince stacking massacre missions a couple days before 2.3 dropped, had about 16 missions stacked, ready to make an easy 300mill when I crashed. Logging back in, I would immediately crash on the ship loading screen. Frontier Support told me that the game wasn’t meant to update that many missions at once per kill, and it wasn’t until my account was cleared of all its missions that I could actually log back in. So massacre missions weren’t nerfed, they were fixed.

Why is the game such a grind?

ED is a space simulator, and with any simulator, the developers have to think about how realistic vs. fun and engaging it should be. For example, to unlock the engineer Didi Vatermann, I had to deliver 50 tonnes of Lavian Brandy. 50 tonnes of anything is no problem, but what was frustrating was that Lave only sold 15 tonnes at a time and it wouldn’t restock unless the ones in my cargo hold were gone. It wasn’t a problem as I just delivered 15 tonnes to Vatermann at a time until I had realized 15 didn’t perfectly fit into 50. That means after 3 trips, I’d have to make a 4th only to deliver 5 tonnes. And this blew my mind with frustration. I’m not saying, “Duuh I only have the patience to make exactly 3 trips, any more and the game is trash and I’ll quit!” I’m saying flying multiple trips is realistic because in space, you might have to make more than one trip for a delivery, but an additional trip just to deliver 5 more tonnes takes away from the game-play more than it adds to realism.

One of the things that makes the game feel like a grind is credit/money progression. If you make money too quick, you miss out on playing the game from certain aspects. If you make money too slow, the game isn’t entertaining as you’re stuck in one part for a long time.

Another thing that feels like a grind is ship progression. A part of the problem with ship progression is that there’s a huge gap between the Vulture (and similar small ships) and the Python (and similar medium ships). The cost of the Vulture is approximately 5mill, and an A-graded Vulture can exceed 20mill. The cost of a Python is 50mill and an A-grade Python can exceed 200mill. Although there are ships that are available to buy between the Vulture and Python (ie. Dropship, Clipper, Assault Ship), they’re locked behind Imperial and Federation Naval ranks. The rank progression for both navies are so terrible, I have yet to meet anyone that did not use an “exploit” to achieve the rank they needed for ships.

To be honest, I don’t know what Frontier has in store for helping with the grind, and I can’t think of a solution to it. Frontier would really improve the grind feeling if literally every activity paid at most double of what they current pay. They could limit all missions stacking, but no one would complain because that data delivery mission now pays 500k-1mill CR, assasination mission pay 1mill-4mill, and massacre mission pay 20mill for 50 kills. Frontier could also add naval progression to powerplay, not only to add a reason to get involved in powerplay but it makes absolutely sense to have naval progression in the powerplay since they adopt the Imperial and Federal navies already.

Why did Frontier nerf the pay for multicrew so badly?

Frontier’s reasoning was that crew members have nothing to lose when they are in someone else’s ship, while the ship owner has everything on the line. The consequences of any actions during multicrew ultimately falls upon the ship owner (ie. ship rebuy, minor faction reputation, BGS). Cool, sounds fair enough. If crew members put nothing on the line, then their pay shouldn’t be as much.

Once again, the question of realism vs. game-play is brought up and realism won this by a land slide in the development of multicrew. It makes sense and it’s realistic to cut the pay of crew members, but game-play wise, it sucks because the most a crew member can make during bounty hunting is 50% of the bounty. And you can only make the 50% if you’re Elite combat rank, at which point 50% of any bounty isn’t worth the time because you probably already have hundreds of millions in the bank.

I’m 100% certain Frontier will adjust the pay cut for multicrew. I made 400k bounty hunting as a gunner for an hour, and I’m Elite combat rank. The price cut is too damn steep and I’m sure Frontier won’t sit quietly as its player base yells in unison that multicrew pay sucks. They fixed engineering recipes, I’m sure they’re fix this too.

Thanks for the read, this is CMDR Leavism spouting his thoughts on the current state of Elite: Dangerous. If anyone would like to ask me a question, post it in the comments! If anyone would like write articles for our website, hit an an Admin!

One thought on “What I Think the Future Holds

  1. “but that’s an odd case and not everyone is trying to assimilate the galaxy”.. But maybe Simbad SHOULD assimilate the galaxy 😀


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