How to take the extra step in bounty hunting to help the Simbad Regime

Bounty hunting is one of the most basic and fun activity in Elite: Dangerous, and it’s probably everyone’s favorite pass-time. It’s decent money, easy, and requires enough brainpower that it isn’t as mindless as commodity trading. What’s also cool about bounty hunting is that it’s an influence boost for the controlling minor faction. That means as long as Simbad Regime is the controlling faction of a system, any bounties turned in will only contribute to increasing our group’s control of the system.

An extra step you can take in further supporting our faction when bounty hunting is turning in bounties more often. For example, in scenario one: You kill 10 pirates and gather a total of two millions in bounties, then turn all those bounties in at once. Scenario two: You kill five pirates, turn in the bounties, go kill five more, then turn in bounties again, and still accrue a total of two million in bounties.

The difference between these two scenario is obvious: you cashed all the bounties at once in scenario one, but you turned in the bounties twice in scenario two. Oddly enough, the BGS will increase our factions influence more in scenario two than in scenario one, even though you gathered the same 2 million CR in both situations.

Now I’m not saying go turn in your bounties after every single kill, even though that’d be awesome for our faction’s influence, but if you have the time to turn them in more often, go for it! The more often per day bounties are turned in, the more support is given to our minor faction. This extends to bounty hunting in a wing too! More wing-mates means more times a bounty is turned in.

So how often should I turn in bounties? I can hear people asking on Discord already, and it’s ultimately up to you. You can still turn it in all at once, because bounty hunting already helps. What I personally do is cash in my bounties after I’ve accrued 1 million in bounties, but that’s after 5-6 kills since I’m in a Corvette at Elite combat rank. For someone in Expert or Master rank, I’d say do so after 500k CR, or 5 kills.