Simbad to open Chaydar Correctional prison colony in Colonia

Chaydar overview.png

May 17th 3303

Simbad, Nu Tauri – As independent faction, Simbad strives to make good on our promises to our Simbians, our allies in need and the galactic community as a whole to make the galaxy a better place for all pilots. Since a large penal structure doesn’t yet exist in Colonia, Simbad recognizes the need that other factions, both in the bubble and in Colonia, might have – to “house” their undesirables.

For this reason, we are happy to announce that today, May 17th 3303, Nu Simbad is inaugurating the first Prison Complex in the Colonia bubble. Housed in the Eol Prou VX-X b16-1 system known to Simbad pilots as “Far Tauri” , on body 1 C, Chaydar Correctional is about the well being and safety of our citizens & the future of Colonia. We feel that we can provide a valuable service by taking our society’s outcasts and rehabilitate them by giving them an opportunity to accomplish work for the greater gouda of all pilots. Building infrastructure, working the docks, staffing mining operations, etc.

We look forward to building a solid relationship with the local community and becoming a key stakeholder in developing the flourishing colony that is Colonia.