Simbad Community Goal

Elite Dangerous Core (6)

Hello Simbians & everyone! Simbad has signed up with FDev for our very own community goal. The event is scheduled for Jan 18th and will be a Trade CG for the construction of an Asteroid Base in the ring around Parmitano in Nu Tauri 5. If Simbad has helped you, this is your chance to give back! Likewise, if you are a guest or ally of Simbad, we hope you will partake in our CG and come have fun with us. :smiley:


  • Starts on January 18, 2018 and will go on until January 25.
  • Bring explosives, beryllium, aluminum, or tea :leaves: to Parmitano Terminal
  • The higher tier we achieve for the CG, the more station services that asteroid base will have. No confirmation on what services each tier will give us, but assume tier 8 means it would be a full fledge station.
  • There will be a bounty hunting CG to run along with the trading CG. Be aware the bounty hunting CG does not contribute to building the asteroid base.
  • The asteroid base will be called Simbad’s Refuge.

Prep Work
As a major influx of players will very likely impact the influence of our systems (BGS), a few prepping events are being planned. Check out the list below for more details on ways you can help.

– VoltAmp’s 5000LY Exploration Trip
Aimed at allowing players to unlock the 5000LY engineer requirement, @VoltAmp#2207 is organising a short expedition to the Jellyfish Nebula. The exploration data will help us save our systems during the CG. For questions, ping @VoltAmp#2207 in #community-goal .

– Gathering Meta Alloys
Our very own @Awan#5092 will also be hosting guided tours to a barnacle forest, where Meta Alloys can be gathered. It’s a mysterious place where all variants of Thargoids show up. Ping @Awan#5092 in #community-goal if you’re interested or have questions.

– Storing Meta Alloys
Anyone who wants to help but isn’t playing much Elite : Dangerous can help out by just holding the cargo for CMDRs who gathered Meta Alloys and be ready to sell it at Parmitano Terminal to save it from any UA bombing. Or you may also simply stock up on Meta Alloys at Danielle’s Progress in Maia.

– Bounty Hunting CG in Nu Tauri
During the trade CG we *should* also be getting a Bounty Hunting CG. Cashing in Simbad Bounties in Nu Tauri will help offset the impact murders will have on our BGS in Nu Tauri.

WARNING! : This is also likely to attract PVP murder hobos (as is tradition, may they be blessed :pray:) so everyone be careful, Nu Tauri will not be safe.

Edit : We did it! We got our Asteroid base “Simbad’s Refuge” in the Nu Tauri system.