Welcome to Simbad! Appropriately named after an astronomical database of objects beyond the Solar System, we are an Elite: Dangerous community that welcomes all players regardless of chosen in-game superpower, PP alignment or gameplay style. If you want to join a casual community aimed at making the game more enjoyable for everyone, then you came to the right place 🙂

Why join Simbad?

Because together, its always more fun! Elite Dangerous is a great game but what makes it even better is all the activities you can get up to when you’re a part of a community like Simbad. We strive to make the game more enjoyable for everyone and in doing that have found a vast array of ways to have fun.



Pew Pew Pew

Arguably the most popular past time of Simbad commanders. You can almost always find someone ready to wing up for action. Our commanders explore various combat set-ups for their ships. Our veteran commanders have engineered Support Carrier Corvettes designed to repair shields and protect newer pilots in combat training. Once you’re confident in your abilities and assets you can join more advanced forms of combat with Simbad. Most Simbad commanders do not fight for any one side, Imperial, Federal or Independent Simbad fights for who pays. Money hungry pilots are constantly finding the newest political turmoils waiting for the opportunity to put their skills to work. When you’re done shooting computers join our most daring commanders as they engage in player versus player combat. While Simbad has a strict code preventing members from attacking new or unequipped players we believe any ship fitted for combat should be prepared to defend itself at any time.



What other players consider traveling in to the deep dark on a long and lonely journey we call a road trip! What better way to see the Galaxy than with friends? Crank some tunes, crack a cold one and strap in for a good time as you explore the beautiful and incredible parts of the Galaxy. Search out for the oddities of space like two Earth-like planets orbiting each other, more here later when i learn from explorers. On your way to the Crab Nebula? Why not pop down to a planet for some canyon racing? Getting drowsy on the long trip to the Formidine Rift? Take the SRVs out for a good old fashioned mountain climb with a friend. Remember when it come’s to exploring, it’s better together!



There’s nothing better than the feeling of seeing that perfect roll from an Engineer. All the right stats in all the right places, that new huge beam laser is ready to… heal? Simbad commanders have modified their ships to fill new roles in the fleet.



Discover the ancient mysteries of lost ruins. Seek out new life and new civilizations and be amazed as they leave you stranded, alone and helpless in the dark of space. The Enterprise would have been nothing without the United Federation of Planets. Likewise Simbad researchers depend on the security provided by the Simbad Regime to carry out their studies.