At Simbad we want to be simple and fair. This is a list of our rules, please learn them and understand them before joining. If you do not feel like you can abide by them, a different group may be right for you. We attempt to be as open and free as possible while creating a positive environment for people to play in.

1. Discrimination is not accepted within Simbad.

> Discrimination : the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, nationality or sex.

2. Respect others.

> Harassment and bullying is not allowed in Simbad. A joke for laughs is fine, but when someone tells you to stop, just stop. 3. Do not discuss topics of real-world politics and religions.

> There’s a time and place for everything. A gaming community isn’t the place for political and religious discussions.

4. Do not share personal information, even if it is your own.

> If you must, send direct messages. It’s never a good idea to leave personal information for a mass of people to see.

5. Do not spam. Do not share NSFW/adult material.

> If a long message needs to be sent, be sure it’s in the appropriate channel. Do not share NSFW material in this server.

6. Do not combat-log against other players.

> Combat-logging is the act of force-closing (by task manager or intentionally disconnecting) the game and is not only a violation of the Terms of Service of Elite: Dangerous, but is deemed a shameful act by the ED community. However, waiting the 15 seconds to disconnect during/after combat is OKAY.

7. Do not work against or undermine the Simbad Regime minor faction, or any of our in-game efforts.

> When in our systems, you can only do missions given by the Simbad Regime. If you do missions for other minor factions, you’ll work against our in-game efforts. You can do any missions freely once you’ve left our systems though. For more details, speak to anyone with the @BGS role!

8. Do not abuse Discord bots.

> If you found a bug, send an @Admin a direct message.