Simbad hosts XenoHunt Event


o7 Simbians!

We all love classic fight nights, but the Thargoids still pose a large threat that we may be able to help with! So, our upcoming fight night will be against the Thargoids! Specifically, a Medusa Interceptor! To clarify, we will NOT be fighting each other, but a large NPC! However, it wouldn’t be a true fight night unless everyone could take part! — Where: HR 1183 / Arc’s Faith in OPEN PLAY When: August 2nd 7:00 PST —

Allowed Ships:
Diamondback Scout
Cobra Mk. III and Mk. IV
Viper Mk. III and Mk. IV
Asp Scout
Imperial Courier

— Rules: Outfitting: Can be done anywhere! Engineering: Is not a requirement but a HEAVY recommendation, especially hull from Selene Jean Guardian Weapons: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Buy location: Anywhere! — Other notes: If you would like, you can sit far off to the side in ship with a fighter bay and be a resupply ship. You should also prepare to be harassed by xeno sympathizers. They have already heard about this event and they are probably rallying the troops as we speak. — We may need ships in super cruise to watch out for those nasty Xeno allies and deal with them quickly and kindly. The day will also most likely be a mentoring day for our new commanders.

Video from the Event

The whole event:

The 2nd Medusa kill:

The triple ‘Goid distress call:


To the brave CMDRs who participated :

Thank you for coming to Simbad’s biggest event yet! The Thargoids killed you all many times over, but like hundreds of angry honey bees, or humans zerg rushing thargies, you brought down the big bois, or died trying! GG. —