Video from Simbad’s Fight Night Event #16

A quiet Sunday in Simbad space has us buying three Cobras and outfitting them with modules only sold at Drebbel Installation in Adria. We took those ships out to the ice rings of Adria 9 for a friendly battle.

Simbad hosts bi-weekly fight nights using inexpensive ships outfitted only with modules found at the station of the event. This allows all members the opportunity to try PVP regardless of their current assets.

Here was the rules for this event : 

This week’s Fight Club outfitting station will be at Drebbel Installation in the Adria system with combat at Adria 9 ice ring (A) haz res at /* 4:00 PM EST on Saturday 08/12/2017 */

1. Allowed ship – Cobra III

2. Outfitting must be done at Drebbel Installation in the Adria system

3. No Engineering, and only the powerplay module from the power you are pledged to

4. Other restrictions – None

5. Special Rules – Be ready for multicrew! Free for all fight with people in your multicrew seat taking video!