While this will be an ongoing guide, I can’t state enough how poor this page is compared to our Discord. It has topic related channels with tons of pinned resources, and more importantly, members waiting to talk you through them. Join the Discord!

Holy Shit We’re Doing Guides?

Well, it’s not really a Simbad guide so much so as a collection of resources we often use to help new players with Elite : Dangerous’ steep learning curve. Enjoy!

The Sidewinder to Anaconda Guide (Simbad Original)

New to the game? Need money? Our own CMDR Havoc made this Sidewinder to Anaconda guide. While some game mechanics like exploration have since changed, the steps 1-4 are still valid. Step 5 was the money making meta back then, but this changes with nearly every update. Join the Discord to find out what the current one is.

The Simbad Combat Guide

Shoot first, ask questions later.

The Obsidian Ant Exploration Guide

THE top YouTuber to follow for Elite : Dangerous news & lore. An explorer at heart, here is his very immersive exploration guide.

The Exigeous Exploration Guide

Here’s a great guide by Exigeous. I highly recommend his tutorials are they are amongst the most comprehensive out there.

Machinima’s Engineering Guide (Simbad Original) 

While Engineering has changed with the Beyond 3.0 release, this guide still serves as a great entry point to Engineering. If you’re wondering what Engineer to start off with, where you can find useful tools for tracking your materials or our recommendations for the most useful bang for you buck Engineers this is the guide for you.

AX (Anti-Xeno) Guide

A video by Exigeous. He’s part of an anti-xeno group, and here’s another one of his great guides.

Mining Guide

This is CMDR Havoc235 grinding away the carrier dept. Watch and learn a pro at work. Join the Discord to ask him all the questions you have, such has “Why didn’t you voiceover this video with your wonderful deep sexy voice?”

BGS Guide (Simbad Original)

The Background Simulation is the core mechanic of the Elite: Dangerous galaxy. Every action you take has an impact on the BGS. Trade, missions, piracy, exploration, murder, etc., will all create some kind of effect and the aggregate activity of commanders throughout the galaxy drives this core gameplay. To begin with, we will need to discuss Minor Factions.


EDDB – Elite : Dangerous Database
Probably the best way to lookup stations, systems, bodies, etc with a high number of search paramaters. It’s a top favorite. Sure to bookmark it & set it to dark mode.

Another jewel of a tool, this one is slightly more community focused than just the database that is EDDB, but you can find a lot of the same information.

Ship Building Tools
Build your ships here prior to building them in-game to compare stats and whatnot. Our discord has many ship build links as well.

ED Mining Tool
A great website for miners. Help you find the closest mining spot for any commodity, instructs you on where to sell it.