Meet the staff

Meet the Simbad Team! These are the fine folks who keep Simbad up and running! Here are some verbatim comments from them.


Admins are the leaders of Simbad. They work to guide our community and help make it the great place that it is. Each member brings something special to the table and helps Simbad in different ways.


If I’m being honest, the game isn’t the best part of playing Elite: Dangerous. It’s the people that make it a blast. If you ask Frontier, they’ll say the same thing. All these mechanics, mesmerizing graphics, complicated controls, and monotonous grinding, but the thing that makes it worth while is the people you fly with. And really that’s what Simbad is all about: Flying together. Simbad used to not be all about having casual fun. Admins clashed and the ones remain now define the infrastructure of flying together. I’m proud to say we’re one of the few groups that have gankers, traders, explorers, casual pilots, dedicated veterans, or anyone of any play style fly together. It’s about respect and keeping in mind that we’re all here to have fun and play a game.


I was always a fan of flight sim games. I was happy when I found Elite : Dangerous, I hadn’t seen a good space sim in a LONG time. I was a big fan of Tie Fighter back in the days. I played on and off, but I didn’t get hooked until I joined Simbad. This game really shines when you play with other people and being part of a community gave me a goal to work towards and allowed me to learn from others and pass on to others what I have learned.


Elite: Dangerous is nostalgia. I found the original game packaged with hundreds of other 5.25″ floppy disks when my family bought a used Commodore 128 back in mid 80’s. I played that game so much as a kid – it was groundbreaking at the time, one of the first open world sandbox games – and it blew my mind. Fast forward 30 years and Elite: Dangerous drops. The first thing I did in game was open the galaxy map – sure enough, all my old friends where there. Lave, Diso, Leesti. I was hooked.

Elite: Dangerous takes me back to being kid – a kid that trades imperial slaves. A kid that fights and dies in brutal PvP, a kid that massacres thousands of pilots in war zones. Elite: Dangerous is special because it is a link to my gaming past and it gives me the opportunity to connect to a diverse gaming community that shares my interests. Having a thriving community involved with a game you grew up playing is awesome.

I love Elite because whenever I launch my ship from some godforsaken station – I’m a kid all over again – but this time I’m piloting a 750 million credit death machine.

Jay Donks

Elite was one of the first games I bought for the first PC I had built in over a decade. It was completely random finding out about Elite and seemed like something I would enjoy. I love flying in wings with friends, bounty hunting, doing friendly pvp or just talking while flying about. While I don’t play Elite as much as I used to I am still in Simbad nearly every day and work to grow the community. I also operate the Overwatch side of Simbad and help promote our Other Games section to get players together for other awesome games. Simbad has become my online home because of the amazing people who are here. People I genuinely can call friends and that is what makes this place special to me, the friends I’ve made, keep making and the fun I have playing games with them.

II Smidget II

 A while back, I flew a silent running FAS at a station. I was sitting there, undetectable by anyone because damn that ship ran really cool. Anyways, so I farted and everyone heard and laid fire on me. Next thing I know, I’m at the rebuy screen and I blame those damn delicious burritos I had the night before. Moral of the story? Don’t fly alone. You might fart and die. Come wing up with Simbad!


Gee how do moderators?

Machina Ex Deo, AKA bam13302

I bought Elite Dangerous about 2 years ago, got up to the vulture though a variety of activities, and abandoned it because I got bored. Over Christmas, I decided to give it another spin. I spent my time learning the intricacies of the game on Reddit during my spare time and helping people in the Q&A thread when I bumped into a Simbad recruitment post. Since then I focused my efforts and knowledge helping new folks on Simbad, making friends, and rapidly advancing through my remaining ships. I started helping with the background sim, introducing new members, and even created a regular event for Simbad. Simbad gave this game purpose and made it fun.

Buddy Love

Growing up I never played the original Elite, but I’ve always loved everything space related. The Wing Commander games were amongst my favorites. I then drifted more into the fantasy genre, with thousands of hours put into games like WoW and Skyrim.

Eventually I started craving that feeling of zipping between asteroids at breakneck speeds again, and I’d been searching for a good space sim for a long time before I found the Elite beta. I didn’t hesitate to jump straight into my cockpit in 2014! I played my first 800 hours as a nomad bounty hunter, drifting across the bubble and terrorising every Hazres I could find. Loneliness kicked in around then and I ended up quitting Elite for around a year.

After catching up with all the goings on I’d missed, it was clear that I needed to find other people to play with. I found a post on Reddit and decided to give Simbad a try. I guess doubling my playtime to 1600+ hours in the past four months could give you an idea of how much fun I’m having!

From the thrill of multiple wings hurtling between rocks, to just exploring new places with a couple of buddies – playing with a group makes Elite: Dangerous a totally different and much more gripping game.

Try it today!



Well, time to write something about myself then. I like to complain, give shortcuts to stuff in game and I love the Federal Corvette. Seriously, i fit wasn’t for that ship I likely wouldn’t have kept playing Elite and would have never joined Simbad. I don’t know how I found them in the first place though. Still, I’m happy that I did because they’re a bunch of great people that focus on helping eachother out. After a while I was promoted to Regular. No idea why, I guess I didn’t complain enough for them to kick me out. I’m one of the first Moderators, together with Buddy Love and Machina. I guess I’ll have to act responsible now with this new role. We’ll see how that works out. Anyway, time to further modify my Corvette so I can shoot things better.

Note: All responses came from the users and are 100% unedited, except for Smidget’s. Leavism wrote Smidget’s… If someone said something that makes them look dumb, it’s their own damn fault.