Simbad hosts XenoHunt Event

o7 Simbians! We all love classic fight nights, but the Thargoids still pose a large threat that we may be able to help with! So, our upcoming fight night will be against the Thargoids! Specifically, a Medusa Interceptor! To clarify, we will NOT be fighting each other, but a large NPC! However, it wouldn’t be … More Simbad hosts XenoHunt Event


Simbad to open Chaydar Correctional prison colony in Colonia

May 17th 3303 Simbad, Nu Tauri – As independent faction, Simbad strives to make good on our promises to our Simbians, our allies in need and the galactic community as a whole to make the galaxy a better place for all pilots. Since a large penal structure doesn’t yet exist in Colonia, Simbad recognizes the … More Simbad to open Chaydar Correctional prison colony in Colonia

Kill the Princess Event

It finally happened, he lost it! Princess Havoc threw down the gauntlet to anyone bold enough to challenge him in his fully engineered Federal Corvette. Turimbar was there to take part and document the action. Here’s his full VOD of the event.