A Big Week for Simbad 

Any time the Simbad staff get bug chunk of time away from work we usually get lots of stuff done! This week has been no different. I’ve decided to write this as a round up of all the things that went on this week. I will include links to any of the events that were posted on the website as well.

Simbad’s Colonial Effort Pays Off

colonia_havoc235_03_Neutron_and_M-ClassFor the last three months daring pilots have set off across the Galaxy with one goal in mind, get to Colonia and get Simbad a foothold in the new frontier. All of Simbad owes a great debt of gratitude to Commanders Princess Havoc Horatius, Matei, Spinfuzor, Captain Waterlubber, BGTex and VanguardMk1. These brave souls travelled the neutron highways risking life, limb and sanity on the path to Colonia. A very special amount of respect has to be given for Spinfuzor who made the trip twice!

Our Colonial expansion could not have been done without out dedicated of ‘fluffers’ either. These pills moved guides to our transport ships and made sure no ship left empty! Thanks to  Ruz Dorstar, legallegends, Jackal, Ternads, Kershek, Machina Ex Deo, bishopscott, Underdog, Jay Donks and Kinjo for your supportive efforts. Simbad will now have our own system in Colonia and adventurous pilots are already planning their journey to our second home.

Naming of Colonia System Begins.

Prior to leaving we knew one thing, our Colonial faction would be called Nu Simbad. Now that we have officially made our way in to Colonia as a power we have the right to name our system, station and the option of choosing a government type. Efforts are being made now to determine what Nu Simbad will look like.

Ship ID System Now in Place. 

shipidWith the new ship naming and ID options available we felt it would be fun to have a Ship ID system. We put it to our members to vote and two options were clear. “Official” Simbad ships may now use either SRSXXX or SIMBAD as their ship IDs. Alternatively you can choose not to affiliate with Simbad on your ship if you so choose, it’s a good way to keep the Simbad name clean if you need to personally get a little dirty.

Engineering Adventure


In an effort to help newer commanders experience different parts of the game our very own Lynchfield has started an Engineering Adventure. The goal?  To get every engineer unlocked up to Grade 5 upgrades and help other learn how to engineer their ships.

In the first week of this adventure Simbad members headed off to Deciat to meet Felicity Farseer and get their FSD’s range pumped up. Now that our pilots have expanded range it makes the rest of their engineering a bit easier. This coming week we head off to Todd McQuinn to upgrade our Kinetic weapons to pack more punch! For updates be sure to check in the #elite_engineering section of our discord!

Exploration Expedition 

20170414180732_1In more efforts to get newer players experiencing parts of the game they have ignored our own Captain Waterlubber has charted a course of roughly 6,000LY from our home in Nu Tauri. He will be guiding new explorers and showing off all the amazing sights around our neighbourhood. The Expedition starts April 18th at 8pm EST, though later departures are welcome. If you’d like to sign up for the expedition, click here. You can also click here to view the waypoints for the journey.

Fight Night Fight Club

unknown.pngCertainly one of the most popular of new activities in Simbad, credit goes to Machina Ex Deo for creating and managing this event. Our most recent Fight Night featured the recently released Dolphin ship. Previous events have included a T6 demo derby, Fighter Dog fights and more. These events occur every Friday 8pm EST

Simbad’s Birthday

42444.pngLast, certainly not least, Simbad celebrate our one year anniversary of being an in game faction. Celebrations were done along side our T6 Demo Derby. We had a birthday raffle to give away ship kit/skin prizes and even had some fireworks. It’s been an amazing year and it is only getting better!