In Game Faction


Originating from Herrington Gateway orbiting 45 Tauri 2 A,  Simbad Regime started as a small democratic party. Campaigning for capitalization of the system’s industrial workforce. The change in policy drove traffic to the system and brought new jobs to the citizens of 45 Tauri. Soon miners, traders and mercenaries flocked to the system to support the booming economy.


The economic success of 45 Tauri did not go unnoticed. Soon systems around the area elected Simbad to represent them. Simbad’s biggest target however would prove more of a challenge. Though Simbad attempted to come to peaceful diplomatic agreements one minority party, the Black Daggers,   threatened violence and declared all Simbad pilots to be “kill on sight”. There is little doubt as to why Black Daggers pilots are never seen in this sector of space.  With this show of strength  Simbad won the support of Nu Tauri vowing to maintain security. Simbad have headquartered  their operations from Parmitano Terminal which has been nicknamed “The Big Cheese” by Simbad pilots.


With the support of Nu Tauri Simbad would go on to spread around to other local systems. Now in control of multiple systems, Simbad has become a regional power house.