Nu Simbad settles in Colonia

4,639 tons of Travel Guides.

That is how many may rolls of toilet paper we had to deliver to Jaques Station to get a new plot of land out here in the black. We don’t have a base or even a name for it yet, but Nu Simbad is here in Colonia to make it’s mark. The boys back in the bubble are in the process of democratically determining what to call our new home. I suspect we should be seeing our name on a shiny new base in the next few weeks. On another note, I’d like to address something I get asked a lot. My compadres back at the Big Cheese are saying things like “Hey Tex, what is there to do out in Colonia?” and “Why in the hell would I want to travel all the way out there?” So I thought I would make this simple and answer both at the same time.


To put this bluntly, this is the new frontier and there isn’t much out here right now. We will likely be making money in the early stages doing things like mining and cargo missions until we get better purchasing options at Jaques Station. I suspect that the only things you are missing out on here are engineers and powerplay. Also, keep in mind that inevitably some other faction will take a gander at our sweet piece of base and want to go fist to cuffs, so you can expect there to be war. I imagine any new adversary won’t be anything like our old foe the Black Daggers. Folks out here are hard. But hey, you are already dealing with battle hardened player factions now…right?? So look, if you feel comfortable in your safe space and get triggered easily when you have to travel a measly 40 LY then partner, this ain’t for you.