Celebrate Simbad’s Birthday!

April 7th will forever be a special day for the members of Simbad. I was on that day in 2016 that our faction Simbad Regime was implanted in game. To some this may not seem like a big deal but it took quite a lot of work to get to that point (and even more pestering of our Fdev rep after repeated delays) and it provided a new goal for us as a group. Having a base of operations in game has helped us teach new players the game in a safer environment with an easy point for people to wing up.

To celebrate the event we are hosting a night of events.  The headline event is our third ever Friday Night Fight Club: High G T6 Derby. Smash them cargo vans to destruction in High G of Nu Tauri 3. Additional fun taking place at Nu Tauri 3 on the 7th includes an SRV demo derby, laser limbo and more. We will also have PRIZES! We are providing three prizes. As usual for our prizes these will be a ship skin/kit of the winners choosing. How will we hand out our sweet gifts? The first prize will be awarded to the winner of the T6 Demo Derby. The second prize will be awarded by random draw of all those who show up to the event on the 7th. The third and final prize will be awarded by random draw of Simbad members.

While it isn’t required, we encourage you to hop in to our discord to shoot the breeze and party with us as we smash them T6’s to itty bits!