There not back again, a cowboys tale


Well, I finally made it. Colonia. Our Nu Home.

I left Simbad Prime 3 weeks ago about 22 thousand lightyears back… all in the name of progress. Not sure how many more trips like that this ol Vaquireo has left in him, so I’m taking this time to reflect on my journey here to the Nu Frontier. Frontier, that’s not something you hear that often these days. Bubble folk I know use that word but don’t a lick about it’s meaning. What it is to reach out into the vastness of space and touch the unkown.

The route plotter only spit out 700+ jumps, I spit out my whisky. The last time I took this trip technology was’t quite up to snuff if you catch my dirft. I reckon I took over 1,000 jumps in a line as crooked as my ex’s teeth. Glad to leave THAT one in the rearview…

The trip wasn’t eventful, except that time I popped out of witchspace into a black hole. Shit my britches and had to change my space suit. Some city boy was probably waxing his pecker while entering star data. You do that out here and your likely to get sucked into a Neutron Star. Really, I know a guy. He’ll never live that down…

Anyways all this effort and work is worth it, at least I hope. Nu Simbad is here in Colonia thanks to some mighty fine folk back home we humbly call the Fluffers. Not exactly sure where the name came from but it stuck and we couldn’t have done it without them.

– Tex