Simbad debutes Friday Night Fight Club

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Simbad is hosting a new event — Friday Night Fight Club! On Friday nights we will be hosting a PvP brawl with various rules to teach new folks how to PvP and for the fun of the entire group! The rules will be simple, the rebuys cheap and the event location designed to make it easy for everyone to participate.

Here are the guidelines : 

1. The ship has to be built at one starbase (decided each week for that week’s event) with all modules being purchased at that port.
2. No engineered modules.
3. Turn “report crimes against me off”.
4. Everyone is in the same ship (though, how the ship is outfitted is up to the CMDR).
5. Special rules may be in place for each fight club (namely, some may be ladders, some may be free for all’s, and other restrictions may be in place).
6. We ask that everyone stick to the rules – you are welcome to watch with guns stowed, but please do not interfere. Thank you!

The first weekly Friday Night Fight Club was hosted out of our very own Parmitano Terminal @ Nu Tauri using the infamous Viper IV in a free-for-all brawl.

WWII dogfights Themed PvP

After much success with the first one, Simbad held it’s second Friday Night Fight Club on March 31st. This Friday Night Fight Club’s outfitting station will be at Oren City in the Kaliki system (65.85ly from Nu Tauri).

1. Allowed ships: Viper III, Imperial Eagle, Cobra III (cheaper ships, namely, the sidewinder, hauler, adder, and eagle are allowed too if desired)
2. Outfitting must be done at Oren City @ Kaliki
3. The only weapons allowed are Fixed Multicannons, Fixed Cannons, and Dumbfire missiles
4. No shields, no utilities, no engineering, no reactive armor
5. The ship should be jump capable as the fight will probably not be in system, though it will not be far, expect less than 20 LY from the outfitting station. An update will be posted by Thursday with a target system.
6. No limit to powerplay modules, within the rules above