Colonial Expansion Mission for Simbad



Pack your shit folks, Simbad is heading to Colonia to found Nu Simbad
As part of the Colonia Migration Initiave, FDev is allowing player groups to submit a request to have their minor faction implemented in the Colonia region. Players need to sign up on the migration visa site, and then bring comodities to Colonia. Every month, the top 5 player groups that brought the most comodities gets a ground station and a minor faction. This is displayed in-game as a Community Goal. Any progress made in the last month’s CG will carry over.
Here is how you participate :
1. Sign up to support Nu Simbad here :

2. Prepare a ship build for long range cargo hauling. If you don’t have conda/cutter, that is OK, we need every little bit we can get.



3. Deliver Galactic Travel Guides (from Bluford Orbital in LHS 3447) to Jaques Station in the Colonia system. Colonia – Distance to Sol: 22,000.47 ly

4. Travel guides will respawn 10 or so at a time, every 10 minutes, if you can’t afford the trip to Colonia or won’t have the time please consider helping by buying guides and transferring them to Cutters. Unlike rares, there is no max carrying limit, so a player could fill up on his own.
A fleet of  CMDRs is leaving tomorrow (Sunday)